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Tippecanoe was formed in 2017, and played their first show in 2018. What started as a great appreciation for the outlaws in country music has totally morphed into a concept that blends alternative country music with haunting western sounds.

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"Life Without Parole"

Our good pal was never locked up for violent crimes. He needed money and he was passing notes to tellers. "Give me all your $20s, $50s, and $100s." He has since cleaned up his act, found an apartment using his veteran's voucher, and has a steady job. We are so proud of him and we dedicate this song to him and all of the other lonely men and women in prison. Granted this song is not representative of his criminal history, however, it covers some of the lonesomeness that blanketed him while incarcerated. Prison reformation is needed! 



"But it was way more interesting than the scene I’m used to. They blasted into a twisted 1950s influenced style of rockabilly-influenced tunes. They had swinging, upbeat tunes, nostalgic singing, and instrumentation that was both forward and backward looking. The pacing of the set and the projections were so on point, I didn’t spend a second of it wondering why they made the choices they did, I just appreciated that they had made them and I was there to see it."- Boston Hassle

Upcoming Events
Wed, Dec 04
939 Boylston St
Fresh Prospects (Tippecanoe)
We will be playing a showcase at the Red Room



Tel: 865-274-3515

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