Tippecanoe was started by Hayden Smith, Jacob Fish, Alberto Fontes, and Ian Tucksmith in Boston, MA. Frontman, Hayden Smith's hometown, Knoxville, TN, allowed for Smith's upbringing in country music. Jacob Fish, who plays keys and just about anything you throw at him, is from Southern California. His influences predominantly include the Bakersfield, California greats. His voice is reminiscent of Buck Owens, and that is not a bad person to be compared to. Lead guitarist, Alberto Fontes, of Miami, FL , focuses predominantly on Avante Garde jazz. This has really opened up Tippecanoe's sound to extend beyond that of simple pentatonic scales. Ian Tucksmith, of Schenectady, NY, has held down the pocket on the drums, and knows when to let loose. We have recruited bass player and front man of Red Mill,  Keegan Farara of Jeffersonville, VT. Farara is a phenomenal songwriter, and has helped Tippecanoe in that department Our latest addition, Karen Sarkisian of Boston, MA, has joined us on pedal steel. Together we play around New England, and really anywhere that will take us. It has been a long time coming, but our debut, self-titled album is coming out this fall. It was recorded by Nat Pierce at Reel Room Recording Studio in Merrimac, MA, mixed by recording engineer Matt Ellard (Billy Bragg, Elliot Smith, etc.), and mastered by Nick Zampiella. Our first album focuses on prison reform, country music misogyny, heart break, and haunting drug-induced hell experiences. Enjoy.

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